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Emerging Technology Marketplace

Welcome to BioProperty Strategy Group's TECH MARKETPLACE®.

We broker select proprietary technologies on behalf of inventors and other technology creators/owners. Listed below are our current technology offerings, available for license or sale. If you are interested in a particular technology, click on its button to view the non-confidential Technology Brief summary and related information. Please contact us; we would be happy to discuss details with you concerning any technology of interest.

EAFIT University’s New Fungicidal Technology

EAFIT University, located in Medellin, Colombia new fungicidal technology is based on a Bacillus species, discovered in banana plantation soil in Colombia. Laboratory, greenhouse, and field trials have all indicated that this microorganism has fungicidal properties and is effective against typical fungal pathogens of plants. EAFIT is seeking licensees to the technology.

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Volatile Padding Technology's d-Cel Flexible Padding

A customizable and flexible padding material and design that provides significantly enhanced impact-energy absorption. Impact protection and shock absorbance is a critical need in numerous applications, including head protection; body protection; repetitive stress relief; structural padding; ballistic protection; and more. Of the many materials and designs developed to absorb impacts, none exhibit as much impact-absorbing capability as this flexible, thin design.

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