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Technology Licensing

We have taught innovators around the world how to license their technologies.
One of our unique areas of expertise lies in the transfer of technology in agribusiness.

From bio-process innovation to new seed technologies, we teach bioproperty innovators how best to add initial value and to develop and make their technologies available for licensing and use on a global basis.

Almost everyone has heard about exclusive vs. non-exclusive technology licensing.

Many licensees desire to obtain exclusive licenses to protect their investments in new technologies. On the other hand, most licensors would rather grant non-exclusive licenses to ensure better the development and commercialization of their technologies.

There is an inherent conflict between licensors and licensees, because of their differing objectives. But what if there were ways to meet the needs of both licensors and licensees? We teach you how to overcome the difficulties that lay between licensors and licensees.

Effective licensing techniques

Few companies and even fewer innovators know how to license their new technologies to reach their greatest potential.

One of the methods we teach and practice is to license agribusiness and other technologies according to different fields of use. For example, if a new crop technology touches on both trees and annual crops, the technology could be exclusively licensed in the field-of-use of tree crops and at the same time exclusively licensed for annual crops only.

Field-of–use licensing is only one of the important concepts we teach in our agribusiness and process innovation licensing seminars.

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