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Market Research and Business Planning

The hard truth is that most inventions never see the light of day.

That is unless a company infringes on a patent, or the patent owner has a solid business development plan and commercialization strategy.

In our daily practice and in our seminars we teach our clients and students how to quickly and efficiently assess the market. Then we teach how best to capitalize on that information by creating a commercialization strategy followed by a solid business plan.

This combination – commercialization strategy and a business plan – is a practical business roadmap critical for driving your innovation to success. This means you must know the key points to look for and to articulate your vision for conquering the existing market maze. You also must know when and where to alter your plan – under dynamic conditions - to accomplish your objectives. We have guided our clients the new product development process many times. Through our seminars, we can show you how to reduce wasted effort and rapidly achieve your goals.

Most patent issues fall into one of the three following categories:

  1. If your patent(s) is being infringed, you need to find an experienced patent litigator and prepare for a court battle.
  2. If your invention is ready for integration into an existing product, we help you search for companies that need your innovation to capture market share from their competitors.
  3. If your invention presents a break-through, we will help you find a company with the mindset of innovation, and sufficient resources necessary to shatter the market.

In this course, students will learn how to assess a patent to determine which category is the best fit.

The category a patent falls into has a direct effect on the resulting business plan.

If your invention falls into category 1, your game plan is set. But if you fall into either into category 2 or 3, you need to assess the business development interests of the people or organizations that may be interested in your technology. This takes place before you can develop a coherent commercialization strategy.

Learn how to find the right buyer or lessor for your new technology

There are several questions a patent holder should ask concerning potential buyers or licensees:

  • Where do these potential buyers fit into the market?
  • Are they innovators?
  • Leaders?
  • Followers?
  • Do they effectively control the market or are they niche players?
  • Are they hungry or content?
  • Are they piercing the frontier or busy milking their cash cows?

In our Market Research and Business Planning course, we show students where to find the answers to these questions to develop their new products, innovate their processes and foster their new businesses.

Contact BioProperty Strategy Group today by email or at (607) 229-0802 for more information concerning how you or your organization can participate in one of our upcoming Market Research and Business Planning, Technology Licensing, Geographical Indications & Certification Marks or New Product Development and Material Transfer Agreements seminars to advance your process innovation, new product development process or agribusiness.