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Product Development Strategy Is Linked To Valuation

Product development strategy is inextricably linked to technology value. BPSG has performed many new technology valuations for inventors selling or licensing their inventions, companies acquiring or selling new technology, investors investing in new technology ventures, and litigants contesting the value of intellectual and bioproperty rights.

Enforcement of Intellectual Property and Bioproperty Rights

An important element in the overall effort to transform inventions into valuable assets is the enforcement of intellectual property and bioproperty rights by their owners, licensees, and partners.

Enforcement requires identification of infringement or unauthorized use or those rights and then, litigation. Successful litigation requires experts who can provide reliable technical, legal, and business knowledge – and, experts who are highly experienced in product development strategy and intellectual property agreements. BPSG supports litigants with expert advice on:

  • technology valuation
  • licensing practices and agreements
  • negotiations
  • commercialization