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Litigation Support

Commercializing technology via property rights often involves litigation – to enforce, clarify, or defend against these property rights.

Patent infringement litigation is one of the most common forms of litigation in this arena. Such litigation requires experts to provide advice and expertise in critical areas of technology, including:

  • The law
  • Business
  • Technology valuation
  • License Valuation
  • Product development strategy
  • Intellectual property agreements
  • Negotiations

Most importantly, experts must be willing and able to provide their opinions under oath, and on the witness stand. BPSG has provided expert advice and reports on technology valuation, patent damages, licensing practices and agreement construction in depositions and on the witness stand in numerous litigations including patent infringement in federal court, arbitrations, and breach of contract cases in state courts.

Success in a patent litigation suit requires significant knowledge of applied science and technology, as well as the business and economics of technology commercialization. BPSG’s professionals have many years of experience in patent litigation in the agricultural, biotech, and related industries.