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Technology Valuation and Litigation Support

Determination of the value of an invention requires far more analysis than simple accounting.

Technology valuation is the art and science of determining what an invention is worth, in dollar terms. This dollar value is central to the conversion of intellectual property and bioproperty into a valuable commercial asset.

There are numerous methods of estimating the value of a technology – the surest being the calculation of sales volumes of products and/or services embodied by the technology. A good accountant could easily make such a calculation.

But, when it comes to the process of finding the market value of a new technology – one that has not yet been turned into a product or service – the process becomes much more complex.

In order to arrive at an accurate estimate of the current value of a new technology in the form of intellectual property and bioproperty, one needs a deep understanding of the interplay between:

  • Property rights
  • Market performance
  • Economics
  • Mathematical models
  • Business forces and their:
    • Dynamics
    • Risk
    • Probability