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International Technology Transfer

ome of the most exciting and potentially profitable technology transfer and commercialization opportunities happen in the international marketplace. Technology creators/owners, and their commercial partners are often located in different countries.

Effective international technology transfer requires a specialized set of skills and experience. BPSG has over three decades of experience orchestrating international technology transfer between clients and partners in many countries, including:

US ∙ India ∙ Colombia ∙ France ∙ Thailand ∙ Germany ∙ Chile New Zealand ∙ China ∙ Korea ∙ UK ∙ Sweden ∙ Canada ∙ Brazil ∙ Jamaica ∙ Italy ∙ Netherlands ∙ Belgium ∙ Australia ∙ South Africa ∙ Mexico

In addition to helping our US based clients, we routinely help international technology owners find US partners for commercialization of their technologies.