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Technology Brokering

Don’t be fooled by companies and websites that offer to auction or sell your inventions to the highest bidder. Often the highest auction bid merely sets the lowest possible price that could have been obtained for your invention.

Owners and creators of new technologies usually need to partner with other companies in order to develop and commercialize their technologies. We can help.

There are many reasons for this. Patents on valuable inventions often fail to launch commercially because they either pose a threat to existing technologies, which creates difficult barriers to overcome, or the inventions are created in a vacuum of current demand.

So, while a new technology may represent better and more efficient ways to solve particular problems, the available solutions are sufficient to meet current needs of the marketplace.

This is known as the “Better Mousetrap” problem or the “Disruptive Technology” condition. Many innovative mouse traps have been invented over the centuries, but relatively few new mouse traps have ever actually made it to market because they were too expensive or difficult to use versus well-established mouse traps.

Market acceptance is of paramount importance to technology transfer and new product development and must be kept in mind at all times during technology commercialization.

BPSG has the experience and expertise necessary to position your new technology correctly in the marketplace in order to attract potential licensees and purchasers of your inventions.

Technology Brokering is complex work that takes well-seasoned experience to accomplish. We help inventors who need to partner with others to develop and commercialize the technology.

We work closely with our clients to bring qualified partners to the negotiating table for serious discussions of licensing, sale, acquisitions, joint venture, and other business collaborations.

BPSG has an extensive, worldwide network of contacts that enhance the technology marketing and brokering process for our clients.