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Patent Strategy

A patent strategy involves the effective integration of several types of legal, technical, business, and marketplace information. Without this integration, a patent is not likely to have commercial value.

It is common knowledge that over 90% of all patents issued never generate a nickel of income.

Patents are NOT built alike

The transfer of technology from creator to implementer requires a commercially valuable patent.

Without patent protection the invention becomes, in essence, public property. The value of a patent lies within the claims and you must ensure that your claims contain the right information.

The patent system has evolved in such a way that most patents are written in a narrow way and they are quite specific. A narrow, specific patent will have little, if any, market value. On the other hand, a wider patent is hard to get, but worth more money.

Once a patent claim is drafted and accepted, then your chance to improve your patent is over. It is important to seek advice before you have your patent drafted.

BioProperty Strategy Group (BPSG) specializes in the creation and implementation of patent strategies that result in measurable profit.

To accomplish this, we first evaluate a particular invention, or group of inventions that make up a technology platform. If we believe the technology platform or invention has commercial potential, then we will design a strategy around it with the goal of obtaining maximum profit, while protecting the interests of the creator or owner.

A patent itself is easy to obtain.

However, the process of creating a commercially viable and legally protected patent is something very different.

It requires a patent strategy built around the unique features of an invention, including:

  • In-depth knowledge of the marketplace and which markets are best suited for a particular invention
  • Exceptional knowledge of the patent process
  • Years of experience in combining all these factors to create a coherent and cost-effective whole

With an effective patent strategy in place, an invention can be commercialized through a variety of routes.

The commercial success of a patent depends on a well-crafted patent strategy. BPSG has developed and managed such patent strategies for hundreds of inventions.

Change is the only constant.

The patent process is dynamic. Patent laws in individual countries constantly change and evolve. In order to have an effective, working knowledge of patent strategy one would need to have a deep appreciation for:

  • The changing nature of patent coverage, on a country-by-country basis
  • The ability to predict outcomes based on 30 years of experience
  • BPSG brings this expertise and experience to any new technology commercialization project.