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Plant Variety Protection, Management and Commercialization

Non-human biological materials – such as plants, animals, seeds, cells, tissues, genes, and DNA – can provide the basis for innovation and enterprise.

To realize these wealth-creating aspects of biology and their embodiment in invention requires their control, through property rights that pertain to biological properties, which we and others term "bioproperty" rights.

Understanding the intricacies of bioproperty rights (including government regulations), involves an understanding of legal framework for patents (utility and plant), Plant Breeder’s Rights, trade secret, copyright and trademark law as each applies to bioproperty.

Biological inventions are typically protected with a suite of bioproperty types. Creating and managing a bioproperty suite--both holistically and strategically--is essential to control these inventions and to extract their maximum value.

Creating and asserting bioproperty rights is only the first step.

Beyond that, strategic management focused on executing a solid commercialization plan is necessary. Creating and implementing that management and strategy is where BPSG comes in. Our clients rely on our thirty years’ of experience. We draw on hundreds of different technology and bioproperty scenarios to craft value-creation approaches that optimize the past and future investments in our clients’ bioproperty and bio-assets.

BPSG has thirty years of experience in the creation, management, and strategic use of bioproperties on behalf of its clients.

While the strategic management of a suite of bioproperties may cover only a single invention, many of BPSG’s clients own or control portfolios that consist of many different inventions.

Management of these varied technologies requires the ability to characterize, quantify, prioritize and strategize the development and use of these portfolios. We have accumulated thirty years of experience in this type of technology portfolio management.

Given the central role that bioproperties play in Agribusiness and Agbiotech, BPSG is well-positioned to provide our clients with a strategic advantage in the R&D continuum, new product development, and commercialization process, regardless of where our customers are positioned in the three steps of the Agribusiness value chain.