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Opportunities In Agricultural Biotechnology

A unique area of innovation and invention in the Agribusiness chain lies in the application of biotechnology to agriculture.

"Agricultural biotechnology" includes a variety of technologies for improving various aspects of the Agribusiness value chain. Examples of Agricultural biotechnology include:

  • Molecular methods of plant disease detection
  • DNA-based methods for cutting-edge plant breeding
  • Using DNA “fingerprints” to breed high-performing livestock
  • Using genetic engineering to create crops with insect and disease resistance
  • Nutritional enhancement
  • Drought and salt tolerance

BPSG has experience in all these areas of Agricultural biotechnology.

What is Agribusiness?

Agribusiness is an umbrella term that encompasses a large number and variety of industries and business types. Agribusiness can be thought of as a chain in which value is added to each link, from the initial production to the final consumption.

The common theme throughout all Agribusiness is the connection - in one way or another - to production of goods and services from land, lakes, rivers, and seas.

The value chain of Agribusiness is made up of three parts:

  1. The production of an agricultural product or service. This includes all of the inputs required for that production.
  2. Harvesting, processing, packaging of the agricultural production.
  3. Transport, distribution, branding, marketing, advertising, and delivery to the ultimate consumer.

Each of the three parts of the Agribusiness chain adds value to the final products.

While the Agribusiness value chain could be thought of as a linear process, it is more accurate to think of it as a web or network of business relationships between producers, suppliers and vendors, processors and packers, distributors, marketers, and sellers.

Agribusiness is a complex system. BPSG has three decades of experience working with all facets of the Agribusiness value chain.

Throughout the Agribusiness value chain, innovation and invention present business opportunities to improve products, services, and methods of doing business.

Wherever an opportunity arises in the Agribusiness value chain, it can be enhanced and facilitated by BPSG’s knowledgeable and creative use of intellectual property, new product development strategies, business model innovation, and creative branding approaches.

This is where we give our clients a unique advantage. Many professionals understand the Agribusiness value chain. Many other professionals are well-versed in the technology of agricultural IP management.

However, very few specialists understand the intersection of Agribusiness and agricultural IP management. Even fewer have with enough experience to innovate how new technologies should be launched into the Agribusiness value chain.

How and where an invention is positioned and promoted within the Agribusiness value chain requires highly specialized expertise, such as the expertise that BPSG provides to its clients.