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Bio-Asset and Intellectual Property Valuation

Inherent in the term "bioproperty" is the establishment of mechanisms necessary to exert effective ownership and control over biological material. However, bioproperty may or may not be valuable. For example, a sample of your pet dog's hair probably has no market value.

By using special management, value-add techniques, and intellectual property strategies, bioproperty such as the hair from a monkey could be transformed into a bio-asset.

What are Bio-Assets? What are Bio-Assets Worth?

Bio-assets come in many forms, including:

  • Valuable seeds
  • Plant and animal breeding lines
  • Livestock embryos
  • Germplasm collections
  • Unique DNA cell lines
  • Genetic constructs

Bio-asset valuation is necessary for a number of reasons, including sales transactions, joint venture creation, licensing, patent litigation, and environmental and economic impact studies.

BPSG provides tailored bio-asset valuation services by utilizing thorough research, technology understanding, market data, rigorous quantification, professional judgment and experienced creativity. Some of BPSG’s previous valuation projects include:

  • Unique wheat breeding program genetics
  • A cassava breeding program tailored for biofuel production
  • DNA markers for breeding beef cattle with preferred meat qualities
  • Genetically modified papaya with viral-resistance
  • A recombinant crop technology for insect-resistant corn
  • A suite of technologies to produce phytase enzymes for livestock feed enhancement
  • Patented microbes used for biocontrol of plant fungal pathogens
  • New varieties of berries, table, and wine grape, apple, and apple-rootstocks, stone fruits, vegetables