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BioProperty Strategy Group: Company Introduction

Expertise & Experience

Unique expertise, many years experience:

- Converting research discoveries into commercial opportunities
- Designing and implementing IP strategies
- Technology valuation
- Bioproperty management strategy and tactics
- Technology licensing
- Entrepreneurship, venture creation, business development
- Over 30 years in Technology Transfer and commercialization management
- Successfully managed over 3,500 inventions
- Directed patent strategy for over 1,500 inventions
- Negotiated over 750 technology licenses
- Responsible for over 3 dozen start-ups
Generated over $350 million in revenue from new technology commercialization

Specialized Expertise

Integrating tangible “bioproperty” and intellectual property into coherent portfolios for business development.

Developing technology portfolios that transform technology into market-ready products, services, enterprises.

Managed portfolios include: Bioproperty, Patents, Plant Breeders' Rights, Trade secrets, Trademarks, Copyrights

Our Approach

Understanding the “landscape”
- of technology and marketplace
- Constructing an optimal IP/bioproperty strategy from feasible, cost-effective components
- Designing and managing an integrated, two-pronged effort: IP/bioproperty asset creation Commercialization processes

Specialized Expertise

Bioproperty, Patents, Plant Breeders' Rights, Trade secrets, Trademarks, Copyrights

Recent Projects

Bioproperty management strategy for Korean biotechnology company with proprietary cancer treatment and diagnostic technology (included developing a suite of contract templates).

IP/biopropert marketing strategy for So. American university inventor of microbial biocontrol technology.

Design and deliver workshops: new technology commercialization for Philippine, Turkish, So. African, and Japanese universities & government agencies.

Technology valuation and license negotiation advisory for Harvard University on unique agbiotech invention.

Expert license interpretation for large multinational agbiotech company involved in high-stakes technology arbitration.

Design and implement a bioproperty/IP management and licensing strategy for a novel biofuel crop for a midwestern US university breeding program.

Litigation support for small wheat-breeding firm in a case against a multi-national agro company.

IP marketing strategy for small microbial diagnostic company.

Commercialization planning for date palm genetic technology owned by foreign government agency.

Technology transfer from a large Indian firm to a US agricultural company.

Valuation of cassava breeding program focused on producing biofuel feedstock.

Early-stage assessment of several nanotechnologies for large research think tank.

IP portfolio assessment and tech transfer for international research center.

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