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Agripreneurship: Managing Agricultural Innovation and Enterprise Development

Lecture notes from August 2009, NAARM, Hyderabad, India

Principles of Technology Ownership

  • Ownership: the bundle of rights (property)
  • exclusive possession
  • Use (not patents)
  • sell, transfer, bequeath destroy...
  • financial returns
  • Rights are separable
  • Technology property: intangible, intellectual property (IP) (e.g. patents, copyrights), tangible (personal property) (e.g. biological material)

Intellectual Property

  • Patents
  • Right to exclude others from using inventions
  • Copyrights
  • protects the medium of the idea
  • Know how & trade secrets
  • Trademarks

Biological Property

  • Possessor’s rights of ownership
  • Bailments

Mixtures of property-type in technology ownership.

The Importance of Technology Ownership to Public Sector Research Institutions

  • Control is power
  • Power to affect: transfers, rules of use, the quid pro quo
  • Allows institutional goals to influence in rules of use: Dissemination, Fair & legal use
  • Critical for managing conflicts of interest (ethics): tools to regulate relation of researcher (employee) to institution, regulation of relation of institution to market participant
  • Allows institution to maintain ongoing, basic level of control over commercialization, stewardship!
  • Enables fair return to technology creator
  • Provides structure for otherwise chaotic relationship of multiple partners
  • Critical for an effective, sustainable technology transfer program
  • Absolute ownership of institutional technologies: Policy for employees, student, staff, Visiting researchers
  • Collaborations: What I create is mine (sole), What you create is yours (sole), What we create is yours (joint), Sovereign control over sole
  • Respect other’s rights
  • Joint
  • The beacons: Institutional integrity, Protect rights of others, Technology advancement, Long term view, Money

Technology Ownership to Public Sector Research Institutions Related Issues

  • Funding Source: government, company
  • non-profit foundation
  • Consulting arrangements
  • Inventorship

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