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About Us

BioProperty Strategy Group Inc. helps clients develop Intellectual Property portfolios, transforming their technology into saleable goods, services, and enterprises.

We specialize in managing biological-based innovations, helping clients navigate through the complex world of property types that encompass biological technologies. Portfolios can include personal property, patents, plant breeders' rights, trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights etc.

Our approach solves a common issue for innovators—how to grow wealth from innovation. Most professionals focus on obtaining legal protection for innovations (such as patents), yet clients can face uncharted territory when it comes to commercialization. BioProperty Strategy Group guides the way towards innovation-driven wealth.

Our Team

Richard S. Cahoon, Ph.D.
President, BioProperty Strategy Group Inc.
Adjunct Professor, International Programs, Cornell University

Richard Cahoon is president of BioProperty Strategy Group Inc, an international intellectual property (IP) strategy and technology commercialization consulting firm. He was formerly Director of technology transfer at Cornell University for twenty years.

Dr. Cahoon has over thirty years in R&D management, strategic partnerships, product commercialization, entrepreneurship, IP strategy, licensing, business development, negotiation, and mediation. He is an inventor and patentee. His consulting centers on advising companies, startups, universities, governments, and non-profit organizations on IP, technology transfer and commercialization policies, practices, and operations. He specializes in the practice of bioproperty.

Dr. Cahoon has helped create several dozen new technology companies and has been a board member of several companies and non-profit organizations.

He is an adjunct faculty at Cornell and University of New Hampshire School of Law where he teaches courses in Intellectual Property for Plant Breeders, strategic IP management, entrepreneurship, technology commercialization, and bioproperty. In over 20 years, he has led numerous graduate seminars, professional workshops and short-courses.

He received undergraduate degrees in Political Science and History from the University of Utah, with minors in Biology and Spanish; an M.S. in Bioprocessing from Montana State, and a PhD, from Cornell in Natural Resources.

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Patents and Wildlife - Richard Cahoon Patents and Wildlife
The Relation of Patent Law and Conservation Law in the United States

Wildlife law and patent law have evolved in parallel over hundreds of years. While there is little to suggest a convergence of these bodies of law, the past few decades has seen a significant number of patentable inventions made by accessing and using wild animals, plants, and other organisms. Wildlife law is designed to protect and conserve a common natural resource while patent law fosters invention and technological advancement. This work explores the intersection of wildlife law and patent law in the United States. The questions that it asks and answers will be of interest to those interested in patents or wildlife and will be of particular interest to those who are fascinated by the constant stream of inventions and discoveries that flow from wildlife resources.

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John F. Mares, JD MBA MA
Attorney at Law

John Mares is Co-Founder and Vice President of BioProperty Strategy Group Inc. He has 18 years of experience as an inventor and holds six US patents and one US and international patent pending. Previous to his role at Bioproperty, Mares was Vice President and General Counsel of Transonic Systems Inc., an original medical equipment manufacturer, where he directed the Intellectual Property activities concerning 68 US and international patents, patents pending, and several US trademarks. Mares also served as Vice President, Chief Legal Counsel of Axiohm Transaction Solutions Inc. where he directed the Intellectual Property Activities of this point-of-sale printer original equipment manufacturer, with a patent portfolio exceeding 100 patents, patents pending, and trademarks. He has instructed 92 graduate and undergraduate level courses in Finance, Marketing and International Management, at the University of Phoenix, New Mexico campus.

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Lauren Roberts

Lauren is the Marketing Manager for Bioproperty Strategy Group. She has extensive writing, research and communications experience from positions working as a grant writer at a SBIR grant firm, a marketing writer for a risk analysis software company, and as a science, medical, and tech journalist working for institutions such as Science magazine, Harvard Medical School, ABC Medical News, Cornell University, and NOVA. She holds degrees in biology and science journalism.