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The Nagoya Protocol’s Relevance to Emerging and Developed Nations

The Nagoya Protocol’s Relevance to Emerging and Developed Nations
by John F. Mares, VP

Want more from your innovations?

Do you have a valuable innovation and no idea how to bring it to market?

You are in good company. In fact, there are very few researchers, inventors or innovators who understand how to determine the value of their intellectual property, protect its market value and either bring it to market, or find the right buyer.

That is where BioProperty Strategy Group comes in. We offer proven approaches for individuals or organizations that are interested in protecting and profiting from intellectual property (IP).

We have decades of experience consulting in:

  • Intellectual Property Management – which is integral to controlling and creating value in inventions
  • Business Planning – we provide solutions for a broad range of business challenges
  • Enterprise Creation – we have unique experience and capability
  • Technology Marketing – expertise in finding investors, buyers and markets

We create bridges between intellectual property ownership and positive income generation.

Whether you are a decision-maker for an established company with a broad portfolio of technologies, or an innovator holding your first patent, we can help you create new opportunities and revenue from your IP.